Onion - the missing ingredient for Sage Line 50 / Sage Instant accounts packs in Excel

Onion - the missing ingredient for Sage Line 50 / Sage Instant accounts packs in Excel
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Friday, 19 July 2013

DSN-less ODBC connection for Sage

Sometimes you would prefer to have a DSN-less ODBC connection to your Sage data.

In Excel 2003, if you execute the following vba snippet, you'll get a DSN-less connection to your Sage demonstration company and a QueryTable containing the company name of the data at that location.

ActiveSheet.QueryTables.Add( _
    Connection:="ODBC;" & _
        "Driver={Sage Line 50 v18};" & _
        "DIR=C:\ProgramData\Sage\Accounts\2012\DemoData\accdata", _
    Destination:=Range("A1"), _
    Sql:="select Name from Company").Refresh

You should edit the snippet where it is highlighted in yellow to reflect your Sage version (e.g. Sage 2010 = v16, Sage 2011 = v17, Sage 2012 = v18, Sage 2013 = v19, etc ...) 

Once the QueryTable is created, you can edit the datapath in the Connection Dialog to access other company data and edit the query to access other tables.

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  1. I added the line:

    "UID=manager;PWD=password;" & _

    after the driver parameter, which populates the log-in form that Sage displays, leaving the user to confirm only.

  2. Good idea.

    For those that haven't used connection string password settings before, it is a good idea to always check that the QueryTable SavePassword property is set to True, otherwise Excel doesn't remember the settings! Careful that you're not opening up a security risk with this - once someone is in the Excel file (read only) they'll also know how to access the data in Sage.

  3. When I try this I get either of 2 errors ... in VBA run time I get a popup with an error 400 and when run from the spreadsheet macro I get error 1004 ... Can anyone help with these errors please?

  4. I can replicate error 1004 if I specify an ODBC driver that does not exist on my system e.g. {Sage Line 50 v22}

    Have you checked the exact spelling of the driver in your 32 bit Data Source Administration program?